Saturday, 15 October 2011

A bad weekend of Apple, Ubuntu and me

Over the weekend I have had 2 technical problems. And a third one which was the emotional consequence of the 2 technical ones.

So the first problem was a result of iOS5 update. My iTouch 4th gen became unstable. I liked my iTouch, iPad and iXXXXX because they were always responsive and reliable. No lags no glitches no errors. But after I have installed iOS5 on my iTouch. My oh my!!! Lags are there and makes me feel like on Windows.
The other issue seems to be a bug. You can test it by yourself.
Start "App Store" - Select "Updates" - Select "Purchased" - Select "Not on this iPod" - Swipe right to left on any item and then select the "Hide" button.
In my case "App Store" always does exit.
Steve Jobs have died just one week before the release of iOS5 and here we are. Everything I really like for iOS devices have gone. Think about it.

The other problem is more serious. And to be honest more depressing to me.
I have upgraded my Ubuntu 11.04 to Ubuntu 11.10 on my "office" notebook.
And for first look I hit bug "Booting system without full network configuration..."
What does it mean you may ask? A normal user who runs into this bug can not work anymore on the machine. So this is THE experience a normal user can not tolerate and will change to something else. Good question what the next choice will be. Back to windows?

To me the conclusion was that instead of companies making products more stable -  Apple and Linux like - Apple and Linux are making themselves more of a Microsoft like. And sorry to say but that is really-really depressing me.

I beg you Apple and Ubuntu to follow your own path and forget the Microsoft one.