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Insufficient Disk Space reported under wine

Did you try to install/setup any Windows Application - actually a Game what else could be necessary - and got a message that you do not have enough free space on your drive meanwhile you had lot of free space on the chosen mounted partition? You will learn the problem and hopefully the solution too. (Of course I suppose it is not the real situation you have no enough space. If so do not read ahead.) The problem is that wine does not check the amount of free space on the mounted partition corresponds to the selected directory but reports the free on the root of the directory the partition mounted to . ;( Probably it is not clean so here is an example: Let say you have / only and something is mounted as /mnt/part1 If you directly select /mnt/part1 during installation wine will check free space in fact on / and does not calculate free on the partition mounted under /mnt/part1. How to solve it you may ask? It is easy. Start winecfg and create a new drive with the directory you want to us