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Why ec2-ami-tools - ec2-upload-bundle - hangs

Me and my colleagues had been fighting an issue for some days. Since it made me really-really f**** upset I decided to investigate it now. The issue: is that if you are behind a proxy (not necessarily) - http or socks does not matter much - you might have problem with ec2-ami-tools . When you start ec2-upload-bundle it does nothing just looks like hanging. We had been waiting for some minutes but nothing happened. Actually it is trying to do something but can not start upload. In contrast on my home network ec2-upload-bundle almost immediately starts uploading and showing a message to indicate it. So what is wrong? Why this is happening from behind a proxy? Is it proxy related? We have tested many possible workarounds without any luck. First we have specified http_proxy and https_proxy of course but it did not work. Then we also tried to socksify the process. Without any luck. At that point we decided to eliminate the proxies. We got an access to a machine in DMZ and we m