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Google Now Launcher : No settings, no cards, not working anymore.

My Moto G 1st Gen runs Android 5.0.2 and I was using Google Now Launcher on top. It had been working fine for long but one day suddenly all my cards disappeared and search did not work anymore. The "Reminders" and the "Customize" menu items were inactive and trying to use "Settings" of Google Now Launcher just crashed. Since Googling around did not reveal any exact solution but gave some hints here is what I have done at the end. Please note: You will loose all your Home Screen and Google Now customizations!!! So go to Settings - Apps and swipe to the "All" page. Search for and select "Google App".   First try "CLEAR CACHE". If still not working select "MANAGE SPACE" and than try first "CLEAR GOOGLE SEARCH DATA". Still no luck? Select "CLEAR LAUNCHER DATA" but this is where you loose your customizations. Finally if none of the above was working you can select "CLEAR ALL DATA