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Showing posts from October, 2008

Hardy Intrepid Update

Short note: Wanted to make a distribution update from Hardy to Intrepid. I made a sudo bash and executed update-manager -d from this terminal but this did not show the new version. Then I have started it with gksu - press ALT+F2 and type in "update-manager -d" - and it was working. This must be a sudo environment issue. So update-manager -d does not show the new version if started from a sudo session but works fine via gksu or su.

Glassfish Custom Login Module and Realm Configuration

I wanted to create a custom login module and realm for Glassfish to implement a new authentication and authorization. I have taken the sun document but I "missed" - in fact parts of the info was there but hidden very well - some information and decided to share those here. I am focusing only on the missing parts. Rest is written in the document. The first thing is point 3. To me it did not work to place class files into directory appserver-domain-dir/lib/classes . I created a jar file from my classes and put that into glassfish/lib and it worked after a server restart. The next info what I missed is what jaas-context-name should be in login.conf and how it works later. So the jaas-context-name can be anything you want BUT you have to pass it to your Realm module as a parameter. Lets say you call you jaas-context-name as "customRealm". So you have in login.conf: customRealm{ org.CustomLogin required; } Then when you create your realm via the gui or any ot