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Netbeans Missing New Project Categories

Jump to solution. (Skip stupid story.) It was raining outside and it was a dark and said day and there was nothing to work on when I decided to give a try to Netbeans in J2EE development. If you have read my blog before you must know I am an Ubuntu user. Actually not a fan. I am not loving anything easily. But I am in general very satisfied with Ubuntu . I like it very much. Am I a fan? Together with its problem too. But from time to time I am running into problems which can make life harder than .... than is should be. (Life is hard anyway. It does not matter if you are Linux Windows or Mac OS user. So hold on your arguments about it. :) ) Back to the point I have Ubuntu Gutsy which currently contains Netbeans 5.5. So I started it and wanted to start a new project. What a surprise I have seen I could not. There were no menu items besides import existing ant project what I could reach. Holy s.... something! What is this? I was asking. Tried to purge package and reinstall but no luc

FlightGear Keyboard Shortcut Reference

I just wanted to have a list of keys can be used in FlightGear but found only the short Reference. I realized that key shortcuts is an xml file so easy to change and not good to publish a static one on the net while anybody can change it anytime easily. So here is a command to get it under linux anytime on your own machine. First please change directory to the one contains keyboard.xml. Gutsy have it under /usr/share/games/FlightGear $ awk 'BEGIN {name="";desc="";spec="";} \ /.*<\/name>/{ name=$0; spec="";desc="";} \ /.*<\/desc>/ { desc=$0 ; line=spec " " name " = " desc; print gensub("<[^>]*>([^<>]*)<\/[^>]*>","\\1","g",gensub("\ \ +","\ ","g", line)) ;} \ /<mod-.*>/ { spec=gensub("<mod-(.*)>","\\1 + ","g",$0); } \ ' keyboard.xml Output is something like: Ctrl-A = To