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Create CVE links on Oracle CPU Page

As you probably know oracle releases CPUs (Critical Patch Updates) in every 3 month now. If you have ever read any of these CPU Advisories you know it does not make too much sense to read these. But they exist. Since CPUJul2008 Oracle replaced its internal numbering (like DBnn) with CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) numbering. Does it make any sense? In my opinion it would but it does not in this way. These CVEs does NOT contain any really useful information. The CVE database is an open database anybody can access. If they are using CVE numbers why Oracle not creating links from the Advisory page to the CVE pages? Would not it be more comfortable just to click on a link if you are interested in details instead of searching for CVE numbers manually? I think the missing link is the confession of how useless this numbering is in case of Oracle. If you read a CPU Advisory released after Jul 2008 you will find CVE numbers before every identified security bug but if you want to chec