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A bad weekend of Apple, Ubuntu and me

Over the weekend I have had 2 technical problems. And a third one which was the emotional consequence of the 2 technical ones. So the first problem was a result of iOS5 update. My iTouch 4th gen became unstable. I liked my iTouch, iPad and iXXXXX because they were always responsive and reliable. No lags no glitches no errors. But after I have installed iOS5 on my iTouch. My oh my!!! Lags are there and makes me feel like on Windows. The other issue seems to be a bug. You can test it by yourself. Start "App Store" - Select "Updates" - Select "Purchased" - Select "Not on this iPod" - Swipe right to left on any item and then select the "Hide" button. In my case "App Store" always does exit. Steve Jobs have died just one week before the release of iOS5 and here we are. Everything I really like for iOS devices have gone. Think about it. The other problem is more serious. And to be honest more depressing to me. I have upgrad

Why ec2-ami-tools - ec2-upload-bundle - hangs

Me and my colleagues had been fighting an issue for some days. Since it made me really-really f**** upset I decided to investigate it now. The issue: is that if you are behind a proxy (not necessarily) - http or socks does not matter much - you might have problem with ec2-ami-tools . When you start ec2-upload-bundle it does nothing just looks like hanging. We had been waiting for some minutes but nothing happened. Actually it is trying to do something but can not start upload. In contrast on my home network ec2-upload-bundle almost immediately starts uploading and showing a message to indicate it. So what is wrong? Why this is happening from behind a proxy? Is it proxy related? We have tested many possible workarounds without any luck. First we have specified http_proxy and https_proxy of course but it did not work. Then we also tried to socksify the process. Without any luck. At that point we decided to eliminate the proxies. We got an access to a machine in DMZ and we m

How to create a custom RedHat / CentOS Amazon EC2 / Cloud image

Note: Cloud computing is currently a very dynamic segment of IT and relevant changes - regarding technologies, available features and licensing - might happen anytime. First of all you may ask why to build your own AMI when you can find many existing  - CentOS and other free - Amazon EC2 images. The following sentences are taken from an official amazon document . "You launch AMIs at your own risk. Amazon cannot vouch for the integrity or security of AMIs shared by other EC2 users. Therefore, you should treat shared AMIs as you would any foreign code that you might consider deploying in your own data center and perform the appropriate due diligence. Ideally, you should get the AMI ID from a trusted source (a web site, another EC2 user, etc). If you do not know the source of an AMI, we recommend that you search the forums for comments on the AMI before launching it. Conversely, if you have questions or observations about a shared AMI, feel free to use the AWS forum